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Native and Professional Translators

  • Certified translation
  • Proofreading
  • Simple translation
  • Technical translation
  • Urgent translations

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On SIte Interpretation

  • Consecutive interpretation
  • Simultaneous interpretation
  • Whispering service

Желаем приятного визита

Added value

Added value is the qualities and characteristics that set us apart from other language service companies. ABAM Translations' added value begins from the moment you contact us, the attention to detail, the assurance that we will meet your deadlines and the desired quality at the best price, and above all, the warmth that sets us apart.

Excellent customer service

We have a team of customer service executives and project managers who are available to you at any time and answer any questions or concerns. Our mission is to serve you.

The right price

We guarantee the best prices in the market when comparing product price vs quality . Please contact our representatives to find out our prices; we assure you that you will be satisfied with our value for money.

Selection of collaborators

The strict selection process of our collaborators allows us to ensure that we have the right person for you. We listen and pay attention to your needs so that we can choose from our team the professional who can best meet your goals and who can better communicate your message the way you intended it to be communicated.


This is one more factor that adds value to ABAM Translations. We adapt to the schedules and needs of our customers without limitation for business hours. We are ready to serve you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Strategic ally

It is our greatest achievement and pride to be the allies of our clients, to the extent that they can feel us as part of their work team regardless of the distance. 70% of our current clients have at least five years allowing us to collaborate with them because our work is not limited to providing a service but to be the help they need in critical moments. This is a demonstration of our commitment and goal with every client that works with us at any time.

Professional team

The spirit of service, quality, customer service, and reliability are part of our corporate culture. This extends even to linguists who are part of ABAM Translations’ team. It is part of the selection process. The intention is always that the work is well done and not just "delivered for the sake of it." You can be sure that we have selected the best professional to do your work, thus eliminating the risks involved in internal hiring.

Complete language proficiency

Few companies can guarantee a broad command of the target language. Our professionals are certified and have years of experience in various areas of linguistic specialization in different languages, which allows us to meet the highest standards.

Quality Control

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest challenges is the control and Quality Assurance of a text or service. ABAM Translations works in compliance with current industry or service standards and follows the most stringent processes to guarantee a reliable product.



More than ever, effective, and focused communication is of greater relevance. We have professionals in the field of marketing, SEO, and technicians, who will bring your ideas to life, effectively reaching your target and adding value to your services and products. It is also used for marketing documents.


Once the transcription, translation, adaptation, and revision work has been done, a professional can become the voice of your company, reaching your target audience in your language and according to your needs and objectives. Simply let us know your guidelines, or what you are looking for, and we will provide you with the best professional to give voice to your message.


Nowadays, DTP services (desktop publishing) are in great demand, as they seek to digitize and maintain a sustainable and ecological operation, as well as preserve the information in its original format. Our designers have the necessary tools that will take your company to a new level of modernization. This is quoted per page, requires a longer process time, and is used for POP material, printed material, or online catalogs. Files are delivered in InDesign or Qwark format, and our work is always impeccable.

Image editing

This service is charged per hour, and tools such as Photoshop, etc., are used. It is useful for jobs that do not require printing and that are short run.


This service consists of converting audio or video to text. ABAM Translations offers this service with quality, accuracy, and promptness. Leave these complex and arduous functions in our hands; we will do the work for you.


Subtitling is the most widely used tool in audiovisual media, ABAM Translations has extensive experience in the translation and adaptation of subtitles for various markets and a wide variety of languages. From experience we know that this service requires great attention to detail, as it implies accuracy and precision, which is uncommon with some providers. At ABAM Translations we guarantee an impeccable work.

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