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We elevate our Quality standards

Our commitment to each and everyone of our clients is what sets us apart.

ABAM Translations offers accurate language translation services for national and international clients from various sectors and time zones.

We interact with each client as if we were part of their company. We use our years of experience to help understand your business needs. Our bicultural team helps build stronger client relationships and increases our sensitivity to cultural differences.

Our solution-based approach sets us apart from other translation agencies. We raise the bar on quality, service, and excellence.

América Márquez / Director

America was born in Mexico and raised in the United States. She began her career in the translation field in 2011. Her many years of experience in the area of Quality Control have been gained through working with a wide range of companies throughout the country. América is a professional expert in business development, a person with a deep knowledge of the industry. She is a friendly person, aware that the most important thing is customer service. She stands out for being an exemplary leader and having formed one of the most recognized companies as she provides her clients, suppliers, collaborators, and team with the best results. The creation of a remarkable client portfolio and extraordinary results is one of the most remarkable aspects of her career. She is currently overseeing the entire process and is constantly seeking to reach the next level of innovation within the language services industry. Her role is to ensure that you receive the best quality translations and that you are provided with excellent customer service every time you contact ABAM Translations.

Abraham Cadena / Co-Founder

Abraham Cadena was born and raised in Mexico. He has served in the translation industry since 2016. Abraham is a leading sales professional with over ten years of experience. His wide-ranging experience in sales and personnel management ensures that the best decisions are made in a correct and timely manner, which is what keeps ABAM Translations growing. Abraham is an expert in business development, strategic planning, communication, skills that have brought ABAM Translations great success. He stands out as a person that encourages people to excel in every way. Abraham is an executive with an excellent human quality who has obtained extraordinary results both in the strategic field and in the conversion of strategies into profits. He is recognized for having formed a dynamic sales team and delivering results in a short period of time. The thoroughness of his work is exactly the ingredient that keeps us moving forward and expanding to new horizons. Thanks to him, ABAM Translations has been able to expand into new territories such as the UFC and its future fighters.

Yadira Trejo / Sales Coordinator

Yadira Trejo was born and raised in Mexico; she has a strong background and is ready to meet all your translation needs. Yadira is a professional with extensive experience in public relations, human development, and customer service, among other outstanding areas. She is a sociable person who takes care of the details and needs of her customers and collaborators. Yadira stands out for having participated in coaching courses and has put her years of knowledge, preparation, and enthusiasm at the services of ABAM Translations as an executive assistant. She is a professional who knows how to deliver good results and provides the best service to the entire ABAM Translations team to optimize and speed up its activities. Her commitment to excellence is reflected in her work. Her dedication and attitude make her perfect for ABAM Translations. Do not hesitate to contact her and let her answer all your questions about the job, becoming a supplier, being part of our team, among any others or questions you may have.

All three leaders are focused on serving the business and passionately believe that the development of any organization is based on team work, collaboration and motivation that generate individual and collective well-being.

Our team

ABAM Translations consists of a professional team that is committed to excellence. Our dedication sets us apart and keeps us in the minds of our customers. The professionalism and preparation of our linguists are the perfect match for constantly delivering quality and timely translations.


The Project Manager, who works full-time, will attend to you at the time you require it and will take you hand in hand on all projects to ensure that project terminology is consistent and to ensure that style preferences conform to your brand requirements. Our team will offer translation services of the highest quality and in the best possible time of delivery.


Our team of linguists undergoes a highly rigorous assessment process to ensure they have what it takes to be part of our team. They must pass several exams before being accepted to work as linguists for ABAM Translations. This ensures that the documents we deliver are translated by the best.


Be part of our team of translators.

At ABAM Translations, we constantly seek to expand our network of translators in all languages to provide various options to all our customers. If you have at least a degree in translation/interpretation and are interested in joining our team of translators, please send us your CV.