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What do our clients
say about us?


Guarantees the continuity of my business

25 Aug 2018

Ricardo Escorihuela / Managing Partner, EID

Working with América Márquez ensures the continuity of my business, augments my business’ capabilities to respond appropriately and in a timely manner to clients, while taking care of one of the most important aspects: clear and efficient communication.

Important partners to improve the performance
of our activities

15 Feb 2018

Alexandro López Founding Partner and Director/ PRORESA

I have worked with ABAM Translations and consider them to be important partners in the performance of our activities. Their translations meet both time and quality requirements. Hence, I would not hesitate to recommend them.

The company is fully committed to service

28 Mar 2018

Jesús de Santos

As a professional translator, I have been working with ABAM for three, I must say, very rewarding years. The company is fully committed to customer service and adheres to high translation standards. The management at ABAM has always been very supportive in helping me reach my professional goals. I really enjoy collaborating with this agency because it has provided professional support and the management team values and respects translators.

I have always found satisfaction

30 Mar 2019

Daniel González/ LinguasPro CEO

I've worked with ABAM for almost two years, from very few words to thousands of them, never had I found a more professional, punctual and honest vendor.

Enthusiasm and professionalism

10 Abr 2019

Isabel Carmona Sánchez/ Anamar Services

I have been pleased to work with ABAM TRANSLATIONS CO SC, through America Marquez, to whom I would like to strongly recommend as a person of integrity, commitment to her work and honesty. Over this time she has characterized by the enthusiasm and professionalism required for each of the projects assigned, and so her services have been very satisfactory both for me and for the company I represent.

Working with ABAM is a great experience

18 Abr 2019

Diana Villareal/ Freelance Translator

Working with ABAM is a great experience, and I mean "work with" and not "work in" since ABAM is a great company made up of a team of professionals located in different parts of the world working with the same purpose: to communicate to the world. ABAM is a prominent company committed to quality and excellence that, thanks to its leadership, makes its collaborators feel part of a team that aims to offer the best possible services. It is a pleasure to be part of this effort.

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