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Do you issue invoices?

Yes, we invoice.

What is the profile of the translators ABAM works with?

ABAM works exclusively with translators with a degree (as a minimum requirement) in languages, translation or its equivalent. Most of them are expert translators recognized by the High Court of Justice.

What is a certified translation?

A certified translation is a translation, that it is delivered printed with the seal and signature of an authorized expert, that is, it is a translation which is faithful to the original and drafted by specific legal guidelines and can, therefore, be used as a substitution for the original.

How is the translation fee calculated?

Image editing is done by using standard editing software (Photoshop, Word, and so on); this service is usually faster to do, and the cost is per hour.

Desktop Publishing (DTP) is used when documents are to be printed or for illustrations within a website. Delivery is in Quark or InDesign files.

This service is quoted per sheet and is more expensive than image editing.

What kind of translations do you provide?

ABAM Translations translates all types of documents. All translations received are sent to a specialized translator depending on the subject matter.

What is the payment method?
We accept payments by bank transfer, over-the-counter deposit, or Oxxo (convenience store) deposit. In the case of payments from abroad, we accept payments by PayPal and our US account.
How do I submit my documents?

It is essential to receive the document(s) in a readable format so a quote can be provided. We can receive physical documents or electronic files via e-mail. Scanned copies are also accepted, but it is crucial that they are readable.

**When quoting audios, it can be received electronically, or as a physical recording.

How are documents delivered?

In the case of certified translations, the delivery of the certified translation is a physical, i.e., printed. Non-certified translations are delivered in the format in which they are received, except for documents received in PDF. PDF files are provided in Word format so that the client has access to edit them if necessary.

Does the price include the production of the translation in the same format as the original?

It depends on the complexity of the text. When applicable, image editing is quoted separately. (All additional charges are communicated to the client, and the client's authorization is required before starting). 

Do you have a confidentiality contract?

Yes. ABAM Translations understands the importance and sensitivity of some of the topics we deal with, so ABAM has signed agreements with all translators, and when requested by the client, we are happy to sign confidentiality contracts requested by clients.

Is it necessary to present the original document?

When translations are to be certified, it is necessary so that the expert can check any data against the original document.

What is the difference between image editing and DTP?

Image editing is done using editing packages such as (Photoshop, Word, etc.). This service is usually faster, and the cost is quoted per hour.

Which documents require an apostille?

ABAM Translations recommends that you go to the entity that requested said documents and follow the instructions given by that institution.

Where is the apostille obtained?

ABAM does not provide apostilles for documents. Apostille is obtained from the authority of the corresponding state or federal entity from which the document originates. Please click on the links below for information on apostilling public documents:

If a state authority has issued the document you intend to apostille, you must apply for an apostille with the corresponding state government office.

Why do I need to hire a professional translator and not just someone who speaks the language?

A professional translator has the knowledge and expertise required to produce a high-quality translation with the right vocabulary and tone.

 A non-professional translator can make mistakes that can range from amusing to dangerous, which may compromise the intended message.


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