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Things to keep in mind when you are doing your translations in-house

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Sometimes you may choose to assign your translation work to someone within your company that speaks the language required. While this can be a good idea to save money, here are a few things to keep in mind to help you along the way. 


1.- Beware of false cognates or close cognates, better known as “false friends.” These are words that sound alike, but in reality their meanings are completely different. When translating from one language to another, these types of mistakes can be easy to make if you are not accustomed to translating on a daily basis.

Here are a few examples of some false cognates:


English word

Correct Spanish word

Often confused with

















2.- Know when to realize if a document is too specialized for an in-house assignment. Translations are not an easy task. Sometimes we make the mistake of thinking that because we understand a second language, we can translate correctly. When texts are not too difficult or specialized, this can be the case. However, it is always important to be able to identify when the text you are translating is too difficult, too technical, or too specialized, and to avoid compromising the translation; it is best to call an expert3

3.- Be clear with dates to avoid confusion. Dates are written differently in different countries. Many times when we are writing a document, we forget that the same document will be used and read in different countries. Therefore, what we recommend is that you avoid using numbers such as 4/5/2020, instead, use April 5, 2020. That way, there is no confusion as to which is the date and which is the month. 

4.- Make sure the text fits correctly. After you have completed your translation, make sure that all text and images fit perfectly onto the file. Visually compare your translated document to the original text to ensure that the translated document is a mirror image of the original.  


When in doubt, always send to an expert. Translations are used to communicate who we are as a company or individual, to communicate certain messages, procedures, etc. False friends and specialized language are issues that should not be taken lightly and we normally do not pay too much attention to them until a problem has occurred. In ABAM Translations, we urge you not to wait until that happens to you. Contact ABAM Translations and we can help you be it with the translation or the revision of your translated text. Our commitment is that you can rely on us as another member of your team. Whatever your need may be, we can help with your needs.