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What is energy?

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What is energy? When we think of energy the initial response might be the physical response, which is; the strength and vitality required to sustain a physical or mental activity. However, if you ask a translator, they might give you a totally different answer. To them, energy is more related to a technical sense like having to do with installations. They might also ask who wants to know, to know how technical their response needs to be.


Translating documents related to energy is very complicated. These type of translations vary so much depending on the interpretation of the reader, the purpose of the document, the country in which the document is being submitted, and which country it will be addressed to. Energy is such a relevant topic nowadays; therefore, the translation of documents related to this topic is much more important than ever. So much is on the line when a client in the Energy industry requests a translation. Some different uses for these requests may be intended to explain a procedure to an engineer, or to help a product user understand their product. It can even be for a bidding to win a project. Whatever the purpose of the document may be, the correct translation (like in all documents) is crucial. However, in this specific subject matter, the preparation to execute the job correctly can be very exhausting if the linguist is not up to date or is not familiar with the terminology of the energy industry.


We can go on and on talking about the different types of documents, their relevance and the importance of a reliable translation, but we do not want to bore you with the details (the fact is that translators have a huge responsibility on their hands when dealing with these documents). However, I do want to take the time to acknowledge all the work that is done in order to prepare for these documents and inform you, that someone that is not an expert translator should not handle these documents. Too much is on the line when dealing with these documents and a mistranslation can cause serious problems.