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Certified translation

A certified translation is a translation that is delivered in hard copy with the stamp and signature of an accredited expert. This translation form is prepared and written in compliance with legal norms and standards required for certification purposes and, therefore can be used as a replacement of the original.

Technical translation

Technical translations are a challenge for both companies and professionals, as they require the work of specialized professionals with extensive knowledge not only in the language but also in technical subjects. ABAM Translations has specialists in technical translations, ensuring reliable and professional translations.

Simple translation

Simple translation consists of a translation faithful to the original document. That is, we follow the format of the original document and the format of the file in which the information is contained (Word, PowerPoint, Excel). In the case of documents in PDF format, the translation is delivered in .docx format so that the client has the opportunity to make changes or updates to the documents if necessary. Translations always go through our Quality department to ensure optimal quality.


Proofreading consists of taking a text written by anyone and converting it into a professional text. Proofreading is not only about basic issues such as spelling and syntax, but also about polishing a product so that it meets the objectives for which it was created in an effective and compelling way. A proofread text is the best way to reach the public effectively.

Translation revision

We know that our customers do not always have access to a service with professional and experienced translators like ABAM Translations, and at times they choose to do their translations. As we understand that that happens often, we provide you with translation revision service for your translations. That way we can help you with our feedback through the wide experience of our collaborators, which will serve as feedback for when you do your future translations.

Urgent translations

Modern life requires quick decisions and actions, so we understand that our customers do not always have much time to deliver a translation. That is why we have a team of translators available 24/7 to respond to the most challenging deadlines with speed and quality. In case a customer is expecting an urgent document to arrive, it can be scheduled to ensure that someone is available to handle the request.